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The crab pinches with its claws

A speciality of Heligoland

A suggestion which you will like: You take our fast and modern catamaran "Halunder Jet" to Heligoland and enjoy a real delicacy on the island: Knieper from Heligoland

In Frisian dialect "Halunder" from Heligoland, the crab claws of the edible crab are called "Knieper". Those crabs can also be found  in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea, but true gourmets prefer the delicious and meaty Knieper from the rocky tidal flats. 

Did we whet your appetite? We offer you our "lifestyle"-flatrate in cooperation with "Rickmers Seafood" in their well known lobster stall on Heligoland. Here you are served Heligoland Knieper (500g) with a glass of wine. In the flatrate-price mentioned below are included a day return ticket for the chosen category with the catamaran "Halunder Jet" as well as 500g Heligoland Knieper with a glass of wine at "Rickmers Seafood". 

Please preorder min. 7 days before. 

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inside of a restaurant on heligoland
eating knieper on heligoland
Season A B C
(Prices in EUR) JC PaC PrC JC PaC PrC JC PaC PrC
from Hamburg and Wedel 97,80 116,80 134,80 107,10 126,10 144,10 117,90 136,90 154,90
from Cuxhaven 83,90 94,90 104,90 91,50 102,50 112,50 100,30 111,30 121,30

JC = Jet Class | PaC = Panorama Class | PrC = Premium Class

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