heligoland in winter shot by marika richters

7 good reasons for Heligoland in winter

1. „Heligoland Winter Magic“

For the first time this year, a spectacular winter season awaits you:

On a space of 1,500 sqm, artist Dirk Grünig presents Helgoland's fabulous Christmas world. The Siemenplatz, in the heart of the subeland, is transformed into a fairytale gallery, full of life-size and full-plastic fairy-tale characters. Snow White, the Frog King, Mrs. Holle, the "Räuber Hotzenplotz" and several other known characters find their place here. Glittering arches give the Lung Wai a Christmas flair that runs over the entire south beach. Three eight-metre-long pirate ships anchor on the City Hall Square. The hull of the ships will be built like a cabin, where creepy pirate stories and other sailors superstitions will be heard.

2. Seal babies on the dune

In winter, its seal time: Now the seals on the offshore Heligoland dune get their babies – a unique and natural spectacle which can only be admired on Heligoland in this way!

3. Winter walk to "Lange Anna"

Compared to the summer season, silence has returned to the area around the "Lange Anna". The birds went south to hibernate there, only the wind blows across the island´s surface. Enjoy the pure nature, take a deep breath and feel the fresh air. In this way Helgioland calms you done and prepares you to start more relaxed into a new year.

4. Crab soup & mulled wine

The cliff-cuisine invites all Halunder Jet guests to try a Heligoland crab soup. Check out the Rickmers Gallerie Restaurant, Restaurant Lung Wai, Maxses Dining Room or Rickmers Seafood. To keep you warm, a hot mulled wine awaits you in the Rickmers Seafood, Maxses Dining Room and the Motion Bar. One mulled wine and one crab soup per person are free of charge in one of the participating restaurants. Coupons are available on board.

5. Island tour

If you visit Heligoland in winter, you will receive it a completely different impression of the island. Together with our island guide Peter Krüss, we would like to show you Heligoland in winter, explain the visible, show the hidden and maybe even reveal a secret. The tours take place daily – tickets are on board.

6. Dunes tour with seal-watching

On the dune lie the small charming seals. Over bean timber track ways and viewing platforms, nature lovers have a good view of the animals without unnecessarily disturbing them. Rolf Blädel takes you to the seals´ Kindergarden and gives insights into his work as a seal hunter. The tours take place daily – tickets are on board.

7. Stress-free winter shopping*

If you are still looking for a gift, take a trip to Heligoland and get advice on the purchase of clothes and jewellery and benefit from the duty-free sale on the island. You always save the VAT!

Great discounts! You can get the coupons on board of the "Halunder Jet".
• Ina's Leisure Modes, 20% on the entire range
Subcountry, Lung Wai 27
• Man Store, 20% on the entire range
Subcountry, Lung Wai 54
• Popcorn, 20% on the entire range
Subcountry, Lung Wai 181
• Antony's Parfumerie Hohenfels, 20% on perfume and porcelain (Royal Copenhagen) Plus free fire orange bowls
Oberland, Am Falm 306
• Ina's Boutique, 20% on the entire range
Subcountry, Siemensterassen 177
• Shoe tick, 20% on the entire range
Subcountry, Siemensterassen 171

* On the 01.01.2019, the shops are closed.


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