halunder jet from above driving to its left

The "Halunder Jet" Puzzle

We built the new "Halunder Jet" in less than 12 months. We bet you can do it faster! Let the new Heligoland Catamaran come into existence before your eyes - in 192 parts.

The ideal present for all children, puzzle fans, and friends of the "Halunder Jet"!


teaser for halunder jet puzzle

Are you interested in purchasing a "Halunder Jet" puzzle?
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- Pieces: 192

- Format: 410 x 290 mm

- Packaging: slip cap carton (external dimensions: 200 x 140 mm)

EUR 16,90

When shipping, EUR 5.00 for packaging and shipping* are added.

* The normal letter transit times of Deutsche Post apply, for which we unfortunately can not assume any guarantees.

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