High speed craft Halunder Jet arriving at the port of Heligoland.

Exclusive Bridge Tour

Come as close as never before to the heart of the catamaran!

inside the catamaran

Be a Captain once

From now on you can book a unique experience with us: A visit on the bridge of the "Halunder Jet"!

You can ask all the questions about the ship that have always been burning under your nails and have everything explained to you personally by the captain. Use this unique opportunity to be very close to the action and to take a look behind the scenes of the "Halunder Jet".

The procedure

As soon as the ship has docked on Heligoland after arrival, the participants of the bridge tour will be called up and guided together to the meeting point.

A maximum of 8 participants have the exclusive opportunity to take a close look at everything during the 20-minute tour.

Price per adult: 25 €

Price per child (4 - 14 years): 15 €


  • via telephone under 0049461 864 -44
  • via mail to [email protected]
  • FRS Helgoline Ticket Office in Hamburg, Cuxhaven and on Heligoland
  • on board, depending on availability


It is at the judgement of the captain to cancel the tour at short notice, e.g. for safety reasons. In this case the full price of the bridge tour will be refunded.

You get your personal certificate after the tour - signed by the Captain!

Certificate for the bridge visit

Subject to change.

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